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Potato salad – Olivie

There are multiple different versions of this salad and along with vegetables and eggs they mostly have either chicken or some type of sausages, but my favorite is the one without any additional protein.

What you will need (makes one medium salad bowl of salad):

  1. 5 medium potatoes

  2. 3 carrots

  3. 5 eggs

  4. 1 small jar of dill pickles

  5. 3 small cucumbers

  6. Small bunch of dill

  7. Small bunch of scallions

  8. 1 can of peas

  9. 6 tb. sp. mayonnaise

  10. Salt and black ground pepper

Place rinsed potatoes, carrots and eggs in large pot, cover with cold water and place on medium heat (without lid) to boil for about 40-50 min or until you can cut through potatoes with fork or knife (do not overcook them).  Once ready, take them out and shock with cold water and leave to cool down.

Once the boiled vegetables have cooled down, start cutting all the ingredients in small cubes in no particular order.  Add salt and pepper and mix it all well.  Before serving add mayonnaise.  I personally prefer to place the salad in the fridge for 15 minutes before serving.

Olivie Salad
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