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About Keti's Kitchen

Who We Are

Hi, I am Keti, and welcome to Keti's Kitchen!

Keti's Kitchen is a place to find simple and healthy recipes that you and your family will love or order family meals cooked in small batches with fresh ingredients.

Here, I share my favorite recipes from Georgian cuisine and recipes created in my kitchen. Inspiration for my recipes comes from different parts of my life.  My tastes and preferences for certain ingredients go back to delicious meals from my childhood cooked by amazing women in my life.   Some of those favorite ingredients are: cilantro, Ajika seasoning, and Summer Savory.


Meal delivery offered by Keti's Kitchen uses recipes that have been taste tested by adults and children over time and have become the audience favorites.  Each meal is carefully crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients and cooked in small batches the same day.  it's the same meal that my family will eat that evening. 

In the recipe section are my daily homecooked meals that take around 30 minutes, making them a simple and healthy option for any family with or without kids.  Recipes here are what my family eats every day.  Most of the time, they are popular with my home audience, but I also have young, picky eaters who will prefer plain butter pasta over everything else.  But we all grow, and I am sure the plain pasta love will evolve over time.

Recipes that require longer than half an hour are kept for special occasions, dinner parties or go into the meal plans.  Khachapuri is always a part of those special meals.

I hope you will find your inspiration here, and cook up something delicious today, and remember what Julia Childs said "People who love to eat are always the best people".

Happy cooking!
Love, Keti

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