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Grilled Chicken and Vegetables - Sheet Pan Dinner

This is a perfect weeknight family meal, that comes together quite easily and is definitely a favorite in our household. A variety a spices can be used for chicken based on your preferences. for this one I used Jamaican Jerk spice and it was delicious.

Grocery list (Serves 2-4):

  • 4-5 Skin on chicken thighs

  • 3 medium gold potatoes

  • 1 medium Broccoli

  • Jamaican Jerk spice or any other spice mix that you love with chicken.

How to: if you use cast iron skillet, this can all be done in that one skillet. Otherwise, brown chicken thighs in butter (or oil) in a frying pan on a stove top, adding sliced skin on potatoes half way. Flip the chicken over and move to the sheet pan skin side up, add chopped broccoli and bit more oil. Sprinkle with salt, Jamaican Jerk spice or any other spice of your choice. Just salt and pepper is delicious too.

Then bake at 375F for 25 min and broil on high for another 5 minutes for crispy chicken and veggies. Every oven is different, so adjust the bake time based on your oven. In some cases it may need a bit more time. Happy Cooking!

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